Monday, March 16, 2009

Yeomen @ Shenandoah U.

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So unfortunately our second match didn’t go as smoothly as we all had hoped. It looks like Oberlin Lacrosse ’09 will have to wait another week until we get another crack at our first W. Even though losing to Shenandoah University 8-9 in overtime is less than ideal, I think we all walked away with a tiny presence of gratification. We were facing a team that not only had beaten us the last time we met two years prior but also had a sideline roughly three times as large as ours. We dominated in nearly every aspect of the game right from the start but somehow still managed to lose. Though disheartening, for us it will hopefully be the motivating factor going into Sewanee this Saturday to perfect our game.

Having such a small squad really has created an interesting dynamic to the sport and it pushes us to work twice as hard in nearly every facet. One of the Shenandoah attackmen commented to me during the game that he was impressed with the amount of talent our team had despite our low numbers. Coach Walz also mentioned that he talked with a few Oberlin Lax Alums that were there and they said that it was the best Oberlin lacrosse they had ever seen. Of course this is in no way a consolation to losing a game we absolutely should have won, but it at least says to me were making progress. After last year’s season, progress is the only thing this team should be exhibiting.

Any who, I could go on but perhaps I should let the rest of the season speak for itself. Junior defenseman Joey Pope signing out.

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