Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three Yeomen named to All conference Team

Oberlin College - Three Yeomen Garner Conference Honors

Westlake, Ohio – Sophomore Dylan Holmes was named as the North Coast Athletic Conference Men’s Lacrosse Sportsman of the Year, while first-years Thomas Hake and Eli Clark-Davis garnered All-NCAC Honorable-Mention honors, the league office announced on Tuesday.

Monday, April 19, 2010

recruit making an impact during his senior year

Spotlight on: Mainland senior Elliot Rollins

Lacrosse accomplishments: Considered among the best defenders in South Jersey, Rollins is a four-year varsity player and was a first-team all-conference selection last season.

Lacrosse history: He has played the sport for nearly nine years, and actually got his start by attending a high school girls' lacrosse clinic.

"It was me and a bunch of girls running around, and I liked it," he said. "That is my earliest lacrosse memory."

Future: He will attend Oberlin College in Ohio, and will play lacrosse for the Division III program. A member of the National Honor Society, Rollins plans a dual major in creative writing and cinema.

"They have a growing cinema studies program and a strong creative writing program," Rollins said. "And I liked the coach and the lacrosse team."

Did you know? Rollins has written a one-act play called All the World's a Stage Dive. He will be staging it in June during Mainland's one-act festival.

"It's an off-the-wall comedy," he said. "I'm doing everything - writing, directing, and acting in it."

About Mainland's team: "Lacrosse is relatively new here, and we have a lot of people who are excited and work so hard to improve," he said. "They all get into it, and it's pretty neat."

The final word: "I love the quickness and amount of intelligence it takes to be really good at lacrosse," he said. "For lacrosse, you have to be a student of the game and know how the game works to be an effective player."

- Marc Narducci

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Oberlin Alum inducted into the Ohio Chapter of the United States Lacrosse Association Hall of Fame

Bill Webster OC class of '61 is being inducted this year into the Ohio chapter of the US lacrosse hall of fame. Below is his lacrosse resume while at Oberlin
ALL AMERICAN1961 [ when there was only one AA team for all schools ]
SELECTED to NORTH-SOUTH NATIONAL ALL STAR GAME 1961 [ when there was only one game for all schools ]
PLAYED on FOUR M.L.A. CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS, two of which were undefeated . Oberlin's record in the four years that he played lacrosse was 39-5-1

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break 2010 Update: 3/30/2010

Whether it’s Connor Jackson trying to track down one of those elusive alligators, Nick Bermeo catching some sun in his sleek, black European bathing suit, or Glen Gerbush eating half the cookie-dough in his respective house, the Oberlin College Yeomen have found plenty of ways to fill the time in between practices and meals in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Several teammates participated in an intense game of bocce ball on the beach, with the duo of Jon Weisburst and Erik Strand pulling in a hard fought victory. After the game was finished, the competitors enjoyed a nice, cold swim in the shark-infested waters of the Atlantic. Strand claimed several times, to have seen a “man in a shark-fin costume” swimming in the waters beyond the shore. His fellow Yeomen responded with laughter, and continued to swim.
At the Bond household that evening, Dan Cook managed to cook 4 pounds of pasta, enough food to feed James Kriz for the rest of the evening.
There will be more adventures for the Yeomen ahead, with a day-trip to Savannah, and games against SCAD and Guilford looming later on during the week.

- Edward James "Daniel Boone" Kriz

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Welcome to the Passover Seder of the Space Age. From the deserts of Egypt to the manicured dunes of Hilton Head, it is Sunday night in the universe and we are having Passover in a rented duplex somewhere along the coast of South Carolina. Alex has been in the kitchen all day marinating short ribs and roasting chicken. Jon chops fruit by his side while Nick Bermeo gyrates in the corner, wearing the shortest shorts you ever did see. I have been on the couch with a sprained ankle watching American Pie, which has stood the test of time better than you ever thought it would. The pallor of Ohio winter has begun to darken and on this our high holiday we will dine.

Some may say that we didn’t do it quite right. Some may say that a MacBook Pro is no substitute for a Hagaddah, or that you can’t really google the Four Questions. But we did. Forgive us this impropriety. Jews are resilient people. We make do with what we have.

On our Seder Plate there was parsley and a not-quite-hard boiled egg and a shank bone that never made it out of the Saran Wrap. The charoset was almost as good as Mom’s even though the maror never made it out of the fridge. This year someone put an orange on the plate, which I was told stands for the struggle of women rabbis. I don’t know. That part’s new to me. I had to look it up on Wikipedia.

So Elijah came and went and we never caught that stealthy bastard. Someone hid the afikomen but we forgot to look for it. That was always my favorite part, because whoever found it in my family would get a five-dollar bill (ten if we were doing well that year) from my Dad, who would roll it up all crisp and nice and slip it into our palms like it was some sort of sacred transaction. Your crumbly matzah for my money.

But enough. It is time to go. It is sunny and I can see the ocean and there is a bird outside my window that’s whistling the X-Files theme song and it is definitely time to go. - Theo Anthony Class of 2012