Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Third Plague (3/26/09)

I have to put in some corrections (because my mom emailed and heckled me), it was 900 miles, and I also got both aloe (which has come in real handy if you get the title of this post) and a bunch of goodies in addition to the spf 15 sunscreen.

So we won, despite what amounted to a plague of biting sand flies of biblical proportions. We beat SCAD in triple overtime, with some strong goaltending, timely goal scoring, and some real strong late defensive stands. It was awesome to get that weight of our shoulders, I think this will help us move forward, knowing that we can win even in the face of adversity. The win really lifted the guys' spirits, which were already pretty high after having spent the day hanging out in Savannah.

Savannah is an amazing city, beautiful, tree canopied streets of the old south, but with a very alternative, liberal vibe. We had a great time walking the city, wandering into cool little shops (including an amazing candy shop), and having two awesome meals, Vic's on the River for lunch and the Distillery post game. Jesse and I had Joey take what will most likely be the senior day program cover, a nice romantic picture of us staring deep into each others eyes standing on a bridge in a Savannah.
- Matt Hollenbeck '09
P.S. Coach Walz was the first player out in our final game of Risk, I went out last.

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