Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Longest Bus Ride Ever (3/20/09)

For Jesse and myself this is our fourth and final spring break. It's amazing how quickly my college career has gone, it seems like just yesterday we were on our way to spring break with Andrew Crosby playing the guitar, singing about Palmetto Dunes. Everyday, and especially on this trip, I hope that we can be as good to this team as the seniors before us have been. Between that desire and the rapidly approaching end of my career make each game and every moment with this team extra important and memorable.

Like this one, when we're stuck in traffic somewhere north of Nashville at some ungodly hour of the night. We decided not to put on another movie (after finishing our fourth of the ride), and the bus has been stationary for about a half hour (people around us have gotten out of their cars and are milling around), so as you can imagine the boys are going a little stir crazy. Even at times like these, when I have to put on headphones so I don't have to listen to them anymore, I can't imagine being a part of another team.
- Matt Hollenbeck '09

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