Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fast break defense

• The first thing all team defenses must do in a fast break defense is simply making the call “fast break”. This allows everyone to know we are in an unsettled defense and to react accordingly.
• The defense must then get in their “fast break triangle”. Its important to remember that once a fast break is called, the defense is no longer man-to-man, it’s in a zone.
• To effectively execute your fast break defense, proper communication is imperative. The top of the triangle should identify himself as the point man; he will make the call as to whether the defense needs to rotate or if they can hold. The two remaining close defenders drop to the right & left pipes of the goal calling back right & back left
• It’s important to remember that once one player rotates in the triangle, all must rotate as one. You must trust your teammates in this situation and not hesitate. Once the point man slides to stop ball, he must make the wheel or rotate call. (Terminology will vary from program to program.)
• The following will be described in steps, but it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that it’s executed in unison. Once the wheel call is made, the following occurs:
o The point man slides to pick up ball once he has made the offensive player move the ball on. He drop steps down to the goal to get to the back left pipe as soon as possible.
o The player on the back left pipe slides cross crease ending up on the back right pipe.
o The player on the back right pipe slides upfield to pick up the point attackman. If the point attackman receives the ball it’s especially important to slide on an angle similar to a C or a banana, forcing the shooter to either hit him or the goalie near pipe.
*NOTE: Whenever sliding or breaking down on ball, never take a flat angle to the offensive player. Be sure to take an angle that will force the ball carrier down the alley or the shooter to shoot near pipe.

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