Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Beginning (3/28/09)

At this point, what beginning do we have? This beginning is the beginning of lasts. It's our last night in Hilton Head, it has been amazing, but bittersweet like I couldn't even imagine. Every year spring break is a chance to better get to know the guys that maybe you didn't know all that well, or to grow closer with those you did. This year was no different, I got to hangout with some great guys for a week in an awesome spot. How could that be bittersweet? Well, that would be because my time with them is limited (it's always been limited, but the limit is oh so close this time). Tonight Jesse and I took a nice long walk around Palmetto Dunes talking about senior year: life (the rest of this year, the summer, next year, real life), the universe (creationism, Palmetto Dunes, the mountains), and everything (girls, my deeply disturbed psyche, burning man). While we were talking I was thinking about how you only get the full four years with the other guys (or guy in our case) in your class and it occurred to me that the quality of the guys on this team and the friendships is why our alumni game is so well attended. We just don't have enough time with each other, even though there are moments when it seems like we spend too much time together.

As we are getting ready to leave I come to the realization that I didn't hangout enough with each of the guys, but looking back I can't think of time that I want to trade to hangout with someone else, simply because the time I'd be trading in was spent hanging out with another one of the guys and is equally as valuable.

I had to get that out of the way before I was going to be able to sleep (I'm writing this somewhere in the range of 3 am the same morning the bus leaves Hilton Head) and/or write about the annual team dinner at Steamers (a seafood place here on the island) paid for the legend himself, Don Jacobs(lacrosse alumni & father of current player Alex Jacobs). As always it was amazing and an absolute glutton fest of seafood. There is one legendary item on the menu, the shellfish platter, that everyone talks about and a much smaller percentage actually eat. It is really more shellfish than anyone human should attempt to eat, I got it freshmen year and thought that ordering it again would provide a nice symmetry. Besides that, one of the two veggies on the team decided he was coming back, so hopefully we'll have video up soon of his first bite of meat in a very long time (it was steak). We have a tradition of it being one of the freshmen's birthday at Steamer's, mainly so we can all cause a ruckus by singing and laughing at the confused look he gets. This year instead of the wait staff bringing a desert with a candle in it, our waiter thought what he really should do was take a fat handful of whipped cream and put it in his face. We're thinking this guy eats too many doritos and drinks too much mountain dew (get it? he's too extreme).

For those of you reading this (and I know there are some, I've heard of you through the grapevine), please let me know who you are and how I'm doing. You can go ahead and comment away, or send me an email ( ). I'm thinking about keeping my regular blog appearances going once my spring break tenure is up and I'd like some input.
- Matt Hollenbeck '09

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