Friday, October 2, 2009

Oberlin All-Americans

A list of Oberlin lacrosse players that made the All-America team:

1954        Goodrich, Howard (Howie)    Attack   
1955        Brainard, William (Bill)    Attack  
1955       Oakes, Robert (Bob)    Defense   
1955        Tyler, Carl    Midfield   
1956        Abeles, Jerome (Jerry)    Midfield   
1956        Brainard, William (Phil)    Attack   
1956        Glasoe, Paul    Attack   
1956        Suhr, Charles (Chuck)    Midfield   
1960        Hobbs, Robert (Bob)    Attack   
1960        Horn, Joseph (Joe)    Midfield   
1960        Vernon, Hugh    Defense   
1961        Babos, Laszlo    Goalie   
1961        Baker, Richard (Dick)    Attack   
1961        Moses, Robert (Bob)    Defense   
1961        Webster, William (Bill)    Midfield   
1963        Witte, John    Midfield   
1965        LaGuardia, Arnold (Arny)    Defense   
1970        Markwood, Robert (Bob)    Defense   
1970        Skinner, Michael (Mike)    Attack  

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